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Dave Hartman's 3-Gun Show

Mar 15, 2017

Co-Host Kalani Laker and I had many great guests on during the 3-Gun Nation Pro Series Event 3 at the Southwestern Regional and we talked about shooting for nearly two hours including a good half hour after Event 3 was over. If you've ever wondered what happens when you get a bunch of 3-Gunners on the mics to chat about anything that comes to mind, this is it. You will laugh, you will feel and you will definitely learn something as well.

Guests and when they are on the Podcast:

  • Keith Garcia - 0:08:16 - 0:29:53, 01:38:15 - 01:39:15
  • Hashtagtical - 0:17:30
  • Jesse Tischauser takes a little heat from Keith for missing the match - 0:19:32
  • Shaun Oleksy - 0:31:29 - 0:47:00
  • Nick Atkinson - 0:37:42 - 0:47:00, 01:36:52 - 01:39:15
  • Jacob Betsworth - 0:47:00 - End
  • Reuben Aleckson - 0:48:34 - 01:39:43

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A big thank you to Kalani, Keith, Sean, Nick, Jacob and Reuben for being fantastic guests on The 3-Gun Show!