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Dave Hartman's 3-Gun Show

Jul 17, 2019

Pete Rensing took over the Match Director duties of the 2019 Magpul Wyoming Governor's Match presented by Vortex Optics and is on the show this week to give us a preview of what those of us shooting it can expect from the match. We had a surprise guest co-host for this one as Adam Maxwell stopped by to hang with us. 

If you aren't shooting the match you should still check this one out because we get deep into Pete's Design philosophy when it comes to matches and talk about the structure of USSL specifically the United Multigun League. We discuss the level 1-4 requirements for matches, the majors and regionals that it currently supports and Pete's plans for the future of USSL. 

The future looks bright for the United Shooting Sports Leagues!

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Thanks for listening! Thank you to AMax for stopping by the studio to co-host and to Pete for being such a great guest!