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Dave Hartman's 3-Gun Show

Oct 3, 2018

Have you ever forgotten to make book a hotel room, apply sunscreen or bring your ammo to a match? I've definitely done all of these and more but Adam Riser is on the podcast this week to help us change our ways.

Adam is a super-planner, arrives on-time or earlier and always walks stages until they're cemented in his head... Except when he forgets a target. Hey, we all make mistakes. Luckily Adam has learned from his and shares with us his methodology for planning his 3-Gun season, planning for an individual match and again for each stage.

In this interview you'll learn pro tips for flying to matches, how to mitigate burnout, managing your mental match and even Adam's method for stage planning step-by-step.

There is a lot to digest in this podcast so grab a notebook & pencil and enjoy this podcast with Adam Riser.

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Thanks for listening! Thanks to Adam for always bringing great topics to the podcast!