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Dave Hartman's 3-Gun Show

Mar 25, 2020

After the dust settled on the 2019 3-Gun season I looked around at the folks that made an impact on each division of the game and decided to have them on the podcast to discuss their success in the multigun sports.

Second in our series is Mike Cattell, a Michigan business owner that never half-asses anything.  Mike is one of those guys that really enjoys ringing long range steel with a 1x optic. He describes his methodology for success in this podcast noting that there are many ways to attack the problem.

Mike has a simple and focused method of breaking down each aspect of the game so don't worry, we definitely cover his practice regimen. Mike is a fan of simple drills, knowing his numbers and what works for him so you may see him doing something unconventional on the range. But Mike also warns against group-think in a match. Listen in to find out why!