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Dave Hartman's 3-Gun Show

Nov 10, 2021

Due to popular demand we are running a second 3-Gun Fantasy League Game, this time focused on the legendary Fort Benning Multigun Challenge!

Special guest Adam Maxwell is on the podcast this week to help run down the handicaps and the competitors that are attending. The historical stats for this match go back several years and many competitors have a history of performing. But there are always those dark horses that can pull off a great match and upset the game.

Players of the Fantasy 3-Gun League are eligible to win several prizes from our returning partners Vortex Optics, IWI and LAG Tactical. Plus more prizes from our new partner Hunters HD Gold! There are several other companies that have indicated they would like to participate as well so stay tuned for more details.

Listen to the podcast for more details and sign up to play at