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Dave Hartman's 3-Gun Show

Nov 13, 2019

This podcast ran into the wee hours of the morning so you'll be able to find out what shooters really think of topics.

James Gill, Jay Christiansen, Adam Maxwell and I were sitting around the VRBO after the first day of the UML Traditional Nationals and talking about the classic "who's a better shooter- this guy or this guy?" and we decided to hit the record button.

Lebron and Jordan, Superman and Batman, a Gorilla and a Grizzly. There are classic matchups that people talk about that we will never see happen, often times the best of an era gone by and the current era are stacked up in a fantasy match where enthusiasts debate their strengths and weaknesses.

That's exactly what we have here and we end up going down a journey of skills, new & old techniques, where new people are lacking, where seasoned shooters are lacking and how each of them climb their way to the top.

Plus! Some of the biggest laughs we've ever had on the podcast.