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Dave Hartman's 3-Gun Show

Aug 29, 2018

Jason Tielke has been around the 3-Gun scene since the days where you could shoot every 3-Gun match in the country and still have time for other hobbies. Quite a lot has changed in the decade he has been traveling the country for multigun matches but one thing has remained constant- his commitment to his practice.

Jason and I have shot together quite a bit and I’ve always found his approach of practicing hard and using adequate gear until it is all used up to be quite refreshing. We got to talking at breakfast after the 2017 Generation 3 Gun and he told me a really cool story about his first Major IDPA match that he also tells in the show here.

If you’re into making the most out of what you have and still progressing in the sport, you’re going to love this interview with Jason Tielke.

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Thanks for listening! Thanks to Jason for being a great guest on the podcast!