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Dave Hartman's 3-Gun Show

Aug 28, 2018

The SureFire World Multigun Championship promises to combine all styles of multi-gun competition into 16 stages. Sixteen stages! Special Field Correspondent Adam Maxwell is back after a triumphant trip to Las Vegas and tells us all about what to expect from SFWMC and how you can prepare for next year's match. Match Director Pete Rensing is known for putting down some fast, challenging stages in the desert of Nevada and Adam calls this match a "cyclic rate match." Listen in to find out what Adam means in this 3-Gun Show Match Recon.

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Recon Criteria:

Year 2017
Match Surefire World Multigun Championships
Date Sept 30-Oct 1; Oct 3-Oct 5; Oct 6-Oct 8
Location Pro Gun Club- Henderson NV
Total Time or Points Match? Points
Rule Set Unitied Multigun League w/ Expedition Multigun Scoring
PractiScore? Yes with registration and score posting **With Score Log Updates**
Quick Stats  
*Schedule AM/PM with a 3stage long form stage day, a 5 stage bay match day, and a 5 bay + 2 night stage day
*Match Fee $150, $250, $350
*Number Shooters 116 Finished
*Divisions, Winners Heavy- Jeremy Reid
  Open- Travis Gibson
  Tactical Optics- Wyatt Gibson
  Limited- Adam Maxwell
*Other opportunities  
  ...It's Vegas...
Match Flavor Execution- Learn the marks, hit the marks, make the shot...quickly
Terrain Rugged Bays- Everything is in bays, but the are not necessarily flat and have lots of ankle-roller rocks.
Skillz Utilized Cyclic-rate match- fast shooting, a USPSA match with 3 guns. Lots of pistol distance rifle shots- but a couple tricky ones. No shotgun heavy stages and no shotgun over 10 yards. Adequate use of slugs
Farthest Shot and/or # of long range targets 340 yards, approximately 7
Logistics Very efficient. Smooth registration. Regular scoring updates (almost real time). Smoothest prize table ever.
Venue Las Vegas- easiest access there is and best amenaties
Pre-Communication Yes, timely emails and the most comprehsive website to date.
Staff On the whole, not customer serivce or match flow oriented. Quick on the DQ trigger, gotcha mentality, disorganized/inefficient reset, and lacking staff to RO rapore.
Fun factor I really liked the cyclic rate shooting. The stages were fast and fun. Easy enough not to be stressful, but challenging enough to keep you honest. Would like to see more challenging shotgun shots on par with the challenges for pistol and rifle.
Funny things that happen at the match. Keith Garcia's liason activities

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Thanks for listening! Thanks to special field correspondent AMax for doing the Recon podcast!