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Dave Hartman's 3-Gun Show

Oct 30, 2019

On a recent visit to Austin, Texas, Adam Maxwell stopped by the 3-Gun Show studio where we recorded a few concise podcasts. This week we have the five changes you can make to your shotgun that will improve your game and make you rise to the top of your division. 

Even if you only listen to #1 and follow through, you...

Oct 23, 2019

Every now and then we do a podcast that makes me think "ohhh I wish we did that years ago!" And this is one of them.

I remember when I was green in the 3-Gun major match scene and trying to figure out who all these match staffers were, what their dynamic and hierarchy was and how I could help.

In this podcast we cover...

Oct 15, 2019

Fresh off of an injury resulting in a seven week break from shooting, Jay Christiansen is on the podcast to tell us what happened. After we learn not to trust Jay's wife with medical aid we get into the good stuff.

We talk about the current state of 3-Gun, why we need a sanctioning body, how to approach your favorite...

Oct 9, 2019

Important Links From the Podcast:

Oct 2, 2019

Important Links From the Podcast: