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Dave Hartman's 3-Gun Show

Apr 11, 2018

This week Jeremy Moore of Shooter's Source and North Texas Multigun comes back on the podcast to tell us what is up with the upcoming Vortex Shooter's Source 3-Gun Championship. As a regular Match Director Jeremy is used to being in charge so he takes over the podcast part way through and begins to interview me. We discuss things like what I do to occupy my time when driving solo all across the country, how I choose the matches that I shoot, what the 2018 3GS Schedule looks like and many more of the questions that I get asked frequently via PM, DM, email and in person at matches.

Jeremy has worked for himself for decades and after selling a successful landscaping business devoted himself to the shooting sports. We share a lot of similarities in that respect and get into the topics of entrepreneurship, self development and self improvement. I share my philosophy of giving tons of value with no expectation which leads to receiving more than you thought possible and Jeremy schools me on weightlifting for 3-Gun and how to get control of your day.

Plus! The Burpee Challenge....

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Thank you to Jeremy for being a great guest on The 3-Gun Show and I'll see you in a couple weeks!