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Dave Hartman's 3-Gun Show

Dec 20, 2017

Special Field Correspondent Bryan Ray shot a really cool match recently, the Firearms Industry Team Challenge. This match is quite the departure from what we ordinarily cover here on The 3-Gun Show and it is a follow-up to the interview I did with David Power about the Industry Choice Awards back in Episode 130. Many of the shooters, personalities and manufacturers that we know from 3-Gun were involved in this match at the Rockcastle Shooting Center and based on Bryan's Recon it is easy to see why.

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Match Recon:

Year 2017
Match Firearms Industry Team Challenge
Date 7/21-7/22
Location Rockcastle Shooting Center
Total Time or Points Match? Points
Rule Set Stage specific
PractiScore? But of course!  Results not published other than top 3 teams
Quick Stats  
*Schedule Half day
*Match Fee $1600/team
*Number Shooters Approx 90
*Divisions, Winners Industry - Trijicon (Also High Overall)
  Pro - Rockcastle Shooting Center
*Other opportunities Golf scramble on Saturday afternoon, side match to benefit the Junior Heritage 2A camps, side match to benefit Freedom Hunters using bows and aerial targets.
  Reception at Bowling Green Hot Rods minor league baseball stadium (game in progress during reception)  BBQ at the lodge Friday night with a kick ass band playing in the parking lot, awards banquet Saturday night (opportunity to show off my pretty lady)
Match Flavor 4 man team event with all equipment provided by the manufacturers whom participated in the Industry Choice Awards, to test marksmanship and teamwork in multiple shooting disciplines.
This match is designed as a networking and social gathering for industry professionals, but they opened registration for “Pro” teams too.
Terrain Natural Terrain
Skillz Utilized Team work, ability to perform with stage guns, ability to quickly identify where a pick up gun is zeroed and correct.
Farthest Shot and/or # of long range targets 450 yards with a 6.5CM gas gun.  450 yards with a .308 gas gun, approx 250 yards with a 30-06 bolt gun, approx 15 targets from 100 to 200 with other bolt and gas guns
Logistics Check-in was a 2 minute process of signing the waiver and receiving a schedule and coozie from Canik
Venue Rock!  All stages accessible even if it had rained.  Golf carts provided for the sporting clays stage, 3D archery targets with steel “kill zones”
Pre-Communication Schedules posted on-line well before the match.  Schedules and reminders communicated via email prior to the match.  Schedules, stage maps, etc posted at the lodge.
Staff Most were experienced Ros from major and local 3 gun matches.  Mark Roth of RCI was one of them.
Fun factor Between team work, pick-up guns and ammo, heckling, and coaching- this match was a blast.  A little heartburn on long range target misses, (never really know how well a rifle is zeroed when you aren't the one that zeroed it) It's a great opportunity for me to shoot some types of competitions I never do- (5 stand, sporting clays)
Funny things that happen at the match. All the typical shenanigans that happen at Rockcastle in the parking lot after a day's shooting.

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