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Dave Hartman's 3-Gun Show

Dec 6, 2017

Missouri has a lot of great 3-Gun happening and this Match Recon takes us to the Missouri 3-Gun Championship put on by Tooth and Nail Armory. Adam Maxwell is back as special field correspondent and he tells us everything to expect when you shoot the MO 3 Gun Champs, how to prepare, how to practice and even gives us some pro tips on reviewing the rule book when you shoot a major match.

As usual we hear some good match shenanigans and this time we find out why Adam doesn't like one-gun stages.


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Match Recon:

Year 2017
Match Tooth and Nail Missouri 3-Gun Championship
Date March 18-19
Location Versailles, MO
Total Time or Points Match? Time Plus Points
Rule Set Lead Farm 3G rules
PractiScore? Yes
Quick Stats  
*Schedule Alternating On/Off
*Match Fee $250
*Number Shooters 218
*Divisions, Winners  
  Tac-Ops - Nate Staskiwicz
  Tac-Iron - Justin Morris
  Open - Jerry Miculek
  Heavy - Chris Cazin
*Other opportunities  
Skillz Utilized Tricky memorization stages, Tough long range arrays, Jungle Runs/Multiple bays
Terrain A mix of both- A few ravine runs, a few open back bay stages
Match Flavor Precision- there were either hard shots or you had to hit your spots
Fun factor Not a fan of 3-single gun stages, but Tooth and Nail does come up with some creative targets
Cost $250
Farthest Shot and/or # of long range targets 650- approximately 10 long range targets across 2-3 stages
Schedule Alternating On/Off
Logistics Less is more...the logisitcs of check in and scoring were pretty low key so they were kind of out of sight out of mind
Funny things that happen at the match. The pick-up incident
Venue Venue is in the middle of nowhere, lodging and dinning options are not terribly awesome. The range itself is pretty nice with lots of potential from a shooting standpoint.
Pre-Communication On point, pertinent information was relayed in a timely fashion.
Staff Inconsistent

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