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Dave Hartman's 3-Gun Show

Jul 10, 2017

Rockcastle Shooting Center is the setting for this Match Recon and I shoot the annual 3-Man 3-Gun that Bryan Ray and Brian Vaught put on as a "thank you" to the shooting community that has given them so much. This match is always so much fun because it has so much team coordination, strategy and shooting going on. Once again I got picked up on a team that needed a third guy and I got to meet some great new people.

In this episode you will learn how to prepare to shoot next year's Rockcastle 3 Man 3 Gun including some hot tips I probably should have kept quiet.

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 Match Recon:

Year 2017
Match Rockcastle 3-Man 3-Gun
Date 10-Jun
Location Rockcastle Shooting Center, Park City, KY
Total Time or Points Match? Time Plus Penalties, Points
Rule Set Rockcastle Pro-Am
PractiScore? Signup and Results on Practiscore
Quick Stats  
*Schedule 1-Day Format, 3 bay stages, lunch, 2 thunder valley stages
*Match Fee $210
*Number Shooters 50 Teams, 150 shooters
*Divisions, Winners Jeremy Young
  Raleigh Prince
  Craig Reaser
*Other opportunities None
Match Flavor Shenanigans
Terrain 3 bay stages, 2 stages in Thunder Valley, 1 of which was a road course
Skillz Utilized Coordination with teammates. Shooting unknown guns. Shooting while driving. 50 yard slug shots, 50 yard plate rack. This is run as tac-ops but would be good to have one member skilled in limited.
Farthest Shot and/or # of long range targets 50 yards, one plate rack
Logistics Sign up the night before. Shooter's meeting and then head to stages.
Venue 2000 acre facility that backs to a national park. Hotel straight out of dirty dancing. Parking lot. Winery, bar, restaurant. Multiple options for shooting 3-gun long range or actual long range out to 1600 yards. Cowboy town, 4 bays, sporting clays.
Pre-Communication Nada
Staff Ray & Vaught, Self-RO, Nobles.
Fun factor/Dave Factor Fun match! Not enough shooting for the time involved.
Funny things that happen at the match. Episode 136

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Huge thanks to Adam for rocking as Anchor!